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Branford Limo Service

Branford, CT Limo Service

Any Branford limo service should be planned and executed perfectly. No one chooses a limousine if all they want is to get somewhere. Limousines are luxury vehicles and they assure a kind of comfort and convenience that is unavailable in ordinary cars, even if they are equipped with certain amenities. Limousines are always about experiences. The entire journey has to be memorable. When you choose a Branford, CT, you must ensure there is adequate planning, so the trip is completely satisfying. 

Premier Limousine has a proactive approach to planning. We do not wait for our clients to express their needs. We encourage our clients to discuss specifics, so nothing is left unaddressed. Planning the route, choosing an appropriate limousine and assigning an experienced chauffeur are basic processes. Our planning factors in exceptional aspects as well. For instance, we specialize in personalizing our Branford limo service for a given occasion. Everyone does not have the same preference. Every occasion should not be approached in the same way. Weddings have certain demands. Corporate events have different demands. Social galas have a completely distinct set of requisites. All such purposes can be best served when the planning is extensive and specific. We can assure you impeccable planning every time you ride with us. 

We at Premier Limousine endeavor to deliver on all our promises and a bit more. Whether it is our chauffeur assisting you with the luggage or one of our executives walking the extra mile to help you personalize the trip, we make every attempt to ensure you do not have any reason to be even nominally short of satisfied. 

Our fleet is one of the largest among all limousine rental companies in the state of Connecticut. You can hire one or several limousines for your event. We have more than one model in every class. You can read about the features, check out the capacities and other amenities to make an informed decision. We have a simple and efficient reservation system. You can reserve our Branford car service for any day of the year. We do recommend an early reservation just to make sure that you get the specific model you prefer, especially if you need more than one limousine for a grand event. Give us a call and our support staff will help you with everything. Choose Premier Limousine for the most memorable trip you can have. 

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Branford Limo Service


My driver was absolutely wonderful. My flight was delayed and we were stopped for 2 hours on the highway because of an accident and the driver could not have been better. I felt safe and thought he handled the situation wonderfully. He was terrific.

Rebecca L.

Remember me? I used to submit all those requests for Accenture team members. We changed our reimbursement policy way back and had to find an alternate travel solution but still miss working and emailing you. I am still working at The Hartford Insurance Company for...

Rob Skiles

Last week, I helped to lead a trip of 8th grade girls from the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, CT, to Washington DC. We took a Premier Coach Bus to Washington, and it was driven by Orlando. I want to make sure that Orlando is recognized for his work on this trip. It is the 3rd year I've...


Everything went very well. Thank you for the great service.

Anne S. Evans

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