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Ground Transportation Pricing

Below is an overview of the different types of trips and how they are priced.

Pricing information

Point to point transportation is when we pick you up at one location and then drop you off at another location. This type of one way transportation is priced with a flat rate regardless of how long the trip takes.

Hourly rates work just as they sound. This is a fixed hourly price which either starts when we leave our facility and ends when we get back to our facility or from the time we pick you up from your first location until the time we drop you off at your final destination.

Package rates are flat prices that include a specific number of hours of chauffeured service for a fixed price. Packages are typically used for weddings and proms.

The hourly or fixed price of each vehicle is determined by the size and cost of the vehicle. For example, a three passenger Town Car will be less than an eight passenger limousine.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limo?

Limos can add that little extra luxurious touch to a special event, but if you are not regularly riding in one, you might ask yourself how much it costs to rent a limo.

How much a limo will cost will vary and there are many factors that come together to make up the final cost from a limousine company. Receiving a quote doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Instead, you can talk with a professional company that will be able to answer your questions and give you a reliable price. You may be interested in a party bus rental cost or a stretch limousine price.

How Much to Rent a Party Bus?

The bus rental cost will vary depending on the size of the vehicle you need. You can choose a bus that can hold up to 24 passengers, 30 passengers, or even 41 passengers. The higher the number of passengers the costlier the bus will be. The amount of time that you will need to have the party bus will also play a role in the final cost.

There are a few different ways to get prices for a bus rental. You may want a point to point flat-rate price. This rate will depend on where you are getting picked up and where you are going to be dropped off and not on the amount of time it takes to get there. Hourly rates are also a good choice.

You can hire our limousines by the hour so that you will have transportation for as long as you need it. Packages are also available for proms, weddings, and other special events. These packages will give you a specific number of chauffeured hours for a predetermined set price. Each vehicle's hourly or set price will vary based on its size and vehicle cost.

How Much Does a Limo Cost for Prom?

The cost of a limousine rental for your prom will depend on a few different factors. You can choose from a limousine, stretch limousine, or a navigator limousine depending on the number of people you want to bring with you and the style of the vehicle you are interested in. Most proms are held on the weekend, and prices are usually a little higher for the weekends compared to a weekday. You can choose a prom package to help save money in many cases.

How Much to Rent a Limo?

The size of the limo is going to be an important factor that will influence the overall price. You can choose a limousine that will hold up to six people, or a stretch limousine that will hold up to eight people, or a navigator limousine that can comfortably hold up to ten people. The day of the week going to be important too, as well as the amount of time you are going to need the limousine.

Our company offers luxurious services to transform any event into a memorable experience. We make safety a top priority, and we also want to make certain that you are comfortable in our vehicles. Our professional chauffeurs are ready to assist you.

If you want to have a stress-free experience, contact Premier Limousine today. You can rest assured that when you ride with Premier Limousine, you will come to expect first class service.

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My daughter was part of the "Pink Boat" group from the Glastonbury High School crew team that you graciously provided a limo ride to for a reception tonight. I wanted to let you know how much the girls loved the ride - it was easily one of the coolest things they've ever done. My daughter...

Steve B.

The students had a FABULOUS time!! The Gov forgot to mention to her assistant that she had another meeting at The Residence, so initially, the bus was waved-off because no one's allowed in the Rez until the Gov has departed....so the driver was perfectly flexible and...


Last week, I helped to lead a trip of 8th grade girls from the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, CT, to Washington DC. We took a Premier Coach Bus to Washington, and it was driven by Orlando. I want to make sure that Orlando is recognized for his work on this trip. It is the 3rd year I've...


Short note to compliment you on your driver (Ray). He was on-time and drive was pleasant to airport. Worth noting...I forgot my lightning charger. Ray gave me his and did not ask for anything in return. This was a very nice gesture, and one that he did not have to make. I have enjoyed your...

Todd B. Emery

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