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Wineries, Breweries and Cider Mills - Tasting Tours Done Right


If you love traveling and you are bored of the same old trips, road trips, trips to the beach, resort getaways, etc., then there is one thing you have probably not considered, or at least have not gotten around to doing - a wine tasting tour. Yes, the specialists at our Connecticut car service believe that this is something every avid traveler should get around to doing at least once in their life (although we recommend doing it more). As such, we have decided to create a guide to prepare you for your impending wine tour. In this post, we will be guiding you on how to do your wine tour right, and we hope our tips come in handy when the time finally comes.

Before we get to it, however, we would like to recommend employing the services of our Connecticut limo service for your wine tasting tour. Let our esteemed chauffeurs take the wheel and ferry you and your companions to and from any wine tasting destination of your choice. The most obvious reason to take us up on our offer is the fact that you will be tasting a lot of wine and your safety should come first, even as you are having fun.

Our professionally trained chauffeurs will guarantee that you get to experience the full wine tasting experience without having to worry about your journey back home. We will be there to drop you off and we will be waiting to transfer you safely to the comfort of your homes ones the tour is concluded. Now, without further ado, let us find out how you can make the most of your wine tasting tour.

Ask Questions

Ask wine producers or your tour guide for as much information as you can think of. Guided tours are the perfect time to learn all you can about wine-making and, most importantly, how to taste your wine on such tours. It is impossible that you will be able to learn every flavor and technical characteristic of wine on just one or two tours, but you will definitely learn enough about the wine you are sampling to truly appreciate and enjoy it. All you need to do is be a little curious. Don’t shy away from asking questions or from over-engaging your tour guide; wine is their passion and we are sure they would be more than happy to pass on knowledge to a budding wine connoisseur like yourself.

Take Notes

You will probably be tasting a lot of different wines and if you taste something that you like, it may become difficult to identify it again after a few more different tastes. Therefore, if you would like to purchase a bottle at the winery later or be able to order it the next time you are out for dinner it would be advisable to note of the name and brand of the wine.

Ask for Restaurant Recommendations

Not only is it important to ask questions about the wines at the site, but it would also come in handy if you picked your tour guides mind on nearby restaurants. Use your guide’s knowledge on finding out where you can enjoy a fantastic dinner as well as which restaurants offer the kind of wines that you have fallen in love with. After all, the best way to enjoy wine is alongside delicious food.

Pace Yourself

Avoid tasting one wine and tasting the next one immediately; make sure there is a time gap between the different kinds of wine you encounter. Wine tasting is fun but doesn’t get carried away; this is an activity that should be savored and not rushed through. Take your time to enjoy one wine before moving on to the rest; this way, you will be better positioned to identify the differences in flavor.

Try New Wines

Don’t shy away from trying wines you have never tried; sticking to the same kind of wine you are familiar with robs you of the experience. Besides, you are at a winery and there is no shortage of wine so get out of your comfort zone and try something new. If you are a white wine kind of person, take a sip of red wine. If you prefer dry wine, take a sip of the sweeter wines. Don’t hold back because you might not get to take another wine tour any time soon.


Before heading out for the tasting, avoid drinking or eating anything because this might interfere with your sense of smell and taste. Having fruity drinks, coffee, or chewing gum will undoubtedly compromise your palate and deny you the full tasting experience. The same goes for applying heavy perfume or smoking ahead of the visit. Don’t ruin your experience, you can always grab a bite as soon as the tour is done.


You will be doing a lot of walking, and a lot of first-timers fail to account for this. We strongly recommend wearing your most comfortable outfit for this visit; wear a comfortable top, a comfortable pair of jeans, and comfortable shoes that you can stroll in for hours without dirtying your feet or having to deal with stingy discomfort. Note, if the tour is out in the open, the sun might be out, and the wrong kind of clothing could make the entire experience very unpleasant for you. Bring a hat and sunglasses for extra comfort just in case you have to spend a large amount of time outside.

Tag the Kids Along

Wine tasting tours can be fun for children too, so don’t leave them behind. Most wineries will offer fun activities for the little ones, for example, food workshops and animal petting. Find out beforehand, and if there are activities for them to engage in, tag them along. If there are no kiddy activities at the winery you will be visiting. However, the experience might be very boring for their young minds. In that case, you can leave them behind.

Posted on Jul 29 2019

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