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Does wearable technology have a place in Business Travel?


For the business traveler, wearable technology can be one of the most convenient tools on the market. Smartwatches, fitness bands and rings are just some of the many helpful tools available for business travelers. Check out this quick list of the ways you can take advantage of wearable technology for your next business trip, especially if you plan to stop by Connecticut.


Although you won't need to worry about navigation or directions with our comfortable, luxurious chauffeur services, a GPS-enabled smartwatch can still be helpful when exploring a new place on foot. Business travelers constantly visit new places, making easy navigation a must. Wearable tech that helps you get around is invaluable when it comes time to meet with clients and discuss business in an unfamiliar area. When you hire us for Connecticut ground transportation, we'll take you on a comfortable ride to your destination while your smartwatch keeps you entertained and in-the-know.


When you're always on the go, it pays to focus on your health. Wearable technology like fitness bands and heart rate headphones are perfect for business travelers who want to stay healthy in style. Devices like these prove invaluable when they track daily steps, monitor sleep and encourage regular activity. From budget devices that provide a bare-bones fitness experience to the more luxurious items that offer a full overview of sleep patterns and provide suggestions for when you should go to bed, wearable gadgets can be an excellent tool for business travelers who want to stay fresh and healthy when away from home. For a more discreet item, the wearable smart ring market is quickly growing, with several options that also track steps and distance walked.


One of the biggest benefits of smart rings, watches and fitness bands is the ability to easily stay on top of tasks and obligations. With devices like these, you can receive a notification right on your wrist or finger every time your smartphone receives a message, phone call or calendar event. For the busy business traveler, this extra level of convenience is vital for a comfortable, stress-free trip. Just like when you choose our Connecticut car service, you'll be glad to have a helpful, easy-to-use wearable when you visit your next conference or meet with your next client.

If you're wondering whether wearable gadgets stand out and impact your professional image, worry not. There are plenty of smartwatches and rings that simply look like normal, analog devices. It's easy to have convenience without worrying about a clunky device.

Our Services

If you're the kind of business traveler to take advantage of wearable gadgets, then you'll find tons of added benefit with our chauffeur service. Whether you want to visit a conference or meet up with a client to talk business, we have everything you need for convenient transportation in style. Our professional, responsible chauffeurs are trained to make your experience a great one, so all you have to worry about is business. And who knows? You might just see one of our chauffeurs taking advantage of the incredible wearable technology we've mentioned here.

Posted on May 02 2017

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