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Top Business Travel Destinations in 2019


When you travel regularly for business you have the chance to see a lot of cities. It’s just a fact of life that business is done in the city and therefore you are going to have to visit a lot of them on your business trips.

Premier Limousine is based in Connecticut, one of the busiest and most important cities in the world for business. That means we deal every day with international business people visiting our home to make new deals and partnerships.

We also have a lot of clients based in Connecticut that travel all around the world for business.

As specialists in the transportation industry dedicated to business travelers, we have decided to make a list of our top business travel destinations for 2019.


Often thought of as one of the greatest cities on the planet, London is a business travel mecca. It is the busiest air traffic city in the world, closely followed by New York and is home to some of the world’s biggest businesses. Property prices have skyrocketed in recent years, yet people are still flocking there. If you get some time off spend it visiting some of the city’s historic landmarks.

San Francisco

San Francisco is now one of the most important business travel destinations on the map, thanks to the Silicon Valley tech boom over the last 20 years. It is now the “IT” place to work. There is a conflict in the city with some locals outraged at what the tech revolution is doing to the city, but when you think that the city is only 150-ish years old, there isn’t a whole lot of history to fall back on.

New York

New York is one of the biggest business travel destinations on the planet. It’s on most business people’s bucket list and is home to thousands of successful businesses.


America’s ‘Second City’ is a huge business travel destination. Even though it’s not as famous for tech as Silicon Valley, there is a big tech boom in Chicago. It is fast becoming one of the biggest technologies and business centers in the US and the world.


Dublin has always been a center of the business world. It’s one of Europe’s technology centers and is a famous party town the world over. Ireland’s capital is home to Google, Yahoo and eBay so it isn’t just for start-ups and local businesses.

Dealing with corporate transportation in Connecticut and around the world can become a headache. Premier Limousine has got you covered. We have an extensive network of vehicles and we are available 24/7 for our clients. We offer the best travel solutions in the industry, and we will prioritize your trip appropriately. When booking your next business trip, you can choose from over 100 late-model luxury vehicles. Our reliable Connecticut limo service is customized according to your needs and you can always rely on us. All it takes is one phone call to book transportation for your entire business trip.

Posted on Dec 21 2018

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