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The Art of the Business Dinner


Sometimes work takes you outside of the office. This may be a trip out of town, special meetings, or meals with clients. It is important to understand the etiquette required at these events. Even in a casual setting, you must remember that you are in the company of colleagues. You can often still have an enjoyable experience, however. Business dinners may be a one-on-one meeting with a client or a group activity. Get the most out of your business dinner and make a good impression with these tips.

Getting Ready

There are a few things you can do the day before your dinner. If you are going straight from work, you may not have to worry about clothing. If you are getting dressed at home before dinner, you can decide on something that does not look like office clothing. You can call the restaurant or check their website to find out what type of attire is appropriate. While it can be fun to get dressed up for a night out, stick to the same modesty rules you use at the office.

If you are starving, take the time to make yourself a hearty snack or small meal. This can help you stay focused on the conversation while waiting for your meal. Even with reservations, there is often a wait at a busy restaurant. It can also be difficult to eat slowly and carefully when you are very hungry. If your company is using a Connecticut limo service, confirm the pickup time so you are not late.

Take a Hint

Pay attention to what people are looking at on the menu. You can talk to the person next to you about what looks good or ask for recommendations from others that have been to the restaurant. If you are in a small group and must order first, be conservative. The person paying for the dinner may order appetizers for everyone to share, otherwise choose an entrée only. If your meal comes with a salad or cup of soup, request that it is brought out with your meal. It may feel awkward to be eating a salad if no one else at the table has one. you can also determine whether you should  order desert by following the lead of the superiors.

Mind your Manners

It is not enough to treat your coworkers with respect. You should show that you have manners by speaking appropriately to the staff of the restaurant, as well. Even if there is a problem with the service, you need to handle it with care. Do not be rude or cause a scene. Show kindness to the wait staff with the words and tone of voice that you choose. Some may see this as a representation of how you may treat subordinates at work.  From the chauffeurs of our Connecticut ground transportation service to the people that clear your table, everyone should be spoken to kindly.

Pace Yourself

There is sure to be a lot of conversation at a business dinner. This may interfere with eating, to some extent. If you remembered to eat something before the meeting, it can be easier to avoid eating too fast. You may need to slow down so you are eating at about the same pace as the other participants. This ensures that you are not left with an empty plate while everyone else is still eating.

A business dinner can be a nice way to get to know your business partners in a more relaxed setting. You can mix your business with some pleasant conversation, getting to know your colleagues a little better. Our company can make sure that everyone gets to the meeting on time. Our personal chauffeurs know the area well, making it easier on guests from out of town. Relax and enjoy dinner without worrying about parking or a safe ride home. We can schedule a chauffeur and car of your choice to get you to and from the meeting. Larger cars or limousines are available and fit large groups. Call and reserve your car today.

Posted on Mar 06 2019

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