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How Technology is Changing Business Meetings


Technology is changing the way we live. It’s changing the way we talk to each other, the way we travel and, of course, the way we do business.

A few years ago, the business meeting was a part of daily life for most of us, but that’s now changing.

Technology and research are changing the way people view the business meeting. In some circles, it is no longer seen as a crucial part of running your business and is seen as more of an inconvenience.

Fewer Meetings, More Productivity

This is the general feeling at the moment. While some companies still swear by the meeting, a lot are cutting down. Now that businesses can instantly communicate with all of their staff, anywhere in the world, there is less need for a “catch-up”.

The Advent Of Stand-Up Meetings

Stand-up meetings have been around a while. I mean, having a chat with one of your colleagues in the hallway could be classed as a stand-up meeting, right? There’s nothing particularly new and inventive about this method, but it does help to cut down on meeting time. Some workers will see a meeting as a chance to procrastinate, so if you only have a few short points to make, it might work better to make everyone stand-up. Everyone will say what they have to say a whole lot quicker if they want to get back to their desks.

The Presentation

Can you imagine a business meeting without a Powerpoint Presentation? Well, they used to exist! While 92% of business managers cite powerpoint as a main focus of their meetings, the likelihood is that this will change. Soon enough, meetings will consist of manipulative presentations i.e. large touch screens where presenters can engage with the presentation. Not only that, but after the meeting all of attendees can have a copy of the presentation sent straight to their computers, so there’s no excuse for not listening!

Video Conferencing

If you go into any office, anywhere in the world, you can bet that they will complain about the technology. Okay maybe not in Silicon Valley, but just about anywhere else. Anyone who tried to use video conferencing 10 - 15 years ago will remember that it was almost impossible to have a productive conversation. But now with Skype, Google Hangouts and even Facetime, as long as your internet connection is relatively strong, you can have a meeting anywhere. This is going to cut down on the need for business travel in a big way.

Increase the Efficiency Of Project Management

If you are starting a new project, it usually starts with a round-the-table business meeting to brief your team on their respective roles. But after the meeting, if a small detail needs changing, you would likely have to bring everyone back in to re-brief them all. With instant communication and file-sharing that will no longer be the case.

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Posted on Dec 05 2017

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