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How to Plan a Fun and Productive Company Retreat


Do you feel the workers in the company are all stressed out and are losing interest in their jobs? A company retreat is one of the ways to reignite their passion for their jobs. If well planned, a company retreat will reduce stress levels and in turn give the workers energy to be more productive. How do you plan a fun and productive company retreat? This piece would do justice to that question.

Take Some Time to Set Expectations

You should take your time to set targets when planning retreats. You should address what the retreat entails, as most people often mistake it for just a vacation. If you want that for your workers, it’s no problem. However, when it’s a company retreat you are planning, you need to set your expectations straight. Also, you should try not to announce the retreat too late. Try to assess when the workers would be free and their work schedule before setting a date. Most times, announcing the date some months earlier is usually the most effective. These way, workers are usually well prepared before the retreat as they have enough time to plan their activities before the retreat.

Plan Ahead and Also Prepare for Surprises

The objective of the company retreat is to reduce stress levels and increase productivity in the organization. A task this important should not be taken for granted as it shapes the company. How can the retreat be productive? What will make it a great experience? That’s simple, a company retreat should be carefully planned.

When planning ahead for a retreat, some vital questions are usually answered. The employees are asked questions like: What do you like most about working here? What areas could be improved working here? What are the strong areas of the company? What can you predict about the company’s future?  Answers to these questions would help the company plan a fun and productive company retreat identifying important threads.

Have Enough Fun

This is one of the main reasons the retreat was planned and could be the only time the workers would be together. There will be lots of fun moments shared and handshakes, hugs, and laughs. This improves the interpersonal relationship between the workers which also leads to increased morale. The employees get to know each other not just as work partners, but also outside work. The retreat planner should incorporate fun events that would be on the lips of employees all year round. For instance, at Forbes, the ping-pong tournament is talked about all year. This makes for a fun and productive company retreat.

Incorporate Work into the Retreat

The retreat should not be turned into a mere vacation. All play and no work make the retreat more of an excursion or vacation. A gathering of the workers in a neutral place is an opportunity to get them on the same page regarding organizational objectives. The retreat is not all about taking the workers out for fun’s sake. It is about having fun for the sake of work, it’s that simple. Try to turn speeches or presentations at the retreat into meaningful discussion. Don’t try too hard or you might ruin all the fun.

Wrapping Things Up

Whatever you have in mind for your company retreat, follow the above ideas and you can be rest assured to have a fun and productive company retreat. Consider booking our Connecticut car service for a great way of moving around.

Posted on Feb 20 2018

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