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How to Pack Light for a Long Trip: 4 Ways to Lighten the Load


There are many reasons why it’s better to be a travel minimalist. It saves you the extra luggage fees, saves you a lot of time you spend waiting at the baggage carousel, and it saves you the trouble of dragging around a heavy bag.

Our Connecticut car service, from its years of experience handling thousands of travelers, has gathered a few helpful tips that you can apply to lighten your load and make your travels easier.

Pack Ahead of Time

If you pack at least a day ahead of time, it’s less likely that you’ll stash things hastily in your bag. When you’re traveling, you don’t want to carry anything that isn’t a must-have. Packing ahead of time allows you to consider and assess the necessity of every item and sort out those that aren’t absolutely needed for the trip. This will not only help you lighten the load but will also guarantee that you don’t leave out anything important. It will also give you time to actually arrange your bag/suitcase and save on space as opposed to hurriedly stuffing you stuff in and coming up short on space.

Forgo the Suitcase

Why would you forgo the suitcase you ask? The problem with suitcases is that, since they’re so spacious, they trick us into carrying more stuff than we need. When you pack a simpler but spacious bag, there is an incentive to actually pack light and only carry what you absolutely need. Another advantage of forgoing a suitcase is the convenience of being able to use any path with ease. Stairs and non-existent footpaths will not be a thing of concern when you have a simple backpack or duffle bag instead of a bulky suitcase.

Roll it Up

Roll up your clothes as opposed to folding them, and you’d be surprised how much space you’ll be saving. However, if you have formal wear that you want to keep wrinkle-free, you might want to consider folding instead of rolling. Keep the bulkiest items such as shoes and toiletries in the corners. If you have both casual and formal wear; keep the rolled up casual wear at the bottom and the folded formal attire at the top to minimize creasing as much as possible.

Go Back to Paper

We know you’re attached to your mobile devices but they can waste a lot of your space. For example, if you have your computer, iPad, Phone, and mp3 player along with their chargers with you, that’s a lot more space you need to come up with. So unless it’s absolutely necessary, bring one mobile device, preferably your phone, and for directions bring an actual map or pages from a guidebook. These are easier to store, and as a bonus, they aren’t dependent on cell signals and electricity.

Posted on Sep 12 2017

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