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Why You Should Never Stop Setting Resolutions


Another new year, another new list of resolutions you may (or may not) have succeeded at keeping until now. While most people’s resolutions start to fade by the time the second month of the year rolls around, and the reality of the tasks they have given themselves sets in, here’s why you can – and should – keep making resolutions throughout the year.

  • Things change

What may have been a priority at the end of December or early January might no longer be a priority in your personal or professional life – and that’s OK! Just because something has changed shouldn’t mean you should give up on your resolutions altogether – simply reassess and create some new or revised versions of your original resolutions based on any changes in situation. That way you’ll still have something to strive for and you’ll be more likely to achieve it if you allow yourself to be flexible and realistic about what’s possible.

  • Keep moving forward

Setting new goals as and when you need to, rather than waiting until the following New Year, will allow you to keep progressing at a steady pace, rather than getting frustrated with big, long-term goals. Set smaller goals regularly and reward yourself as you achieve them rather than waiting until the end of the year just for the sake of it.

  • Review your achievements

Setting new resolutions throughout the year allows you to take some time to review your achievements so far, which will motivate you to keep working towards new goals. If you simply set some resolutions in January and then never think about them again until the following year when you set yourself some more, you’ll be unlikely to be motivated to go after them.

  • Learn from your failures

As well as looking at your achievements, allow yourself the chance to assess areas where you may have fallen short of your goals and take some steps toward trying to rectify them. Addressing these now and using them to set yourself some new targets throughout the year will allow you to adapt to the areas where you need to concentrate your focus and energy. It will also help prevent you from repeating similar mistakes again.

  • Motivate yourself

Setting new resolutions will also keep you motivated as you’ll know that you are able to change and adapt to suit your circumstances, so you are less likely to give up on something that starts to look difficult to achieve and lose interest altogether. Keeping yourself motivated with new goals and targets will have a much more positive effect on your ability to achieve them in the long run.

One resolution you should never give up on is using top quality transportation you can rely on for all your travel needs. Whether you need to get to the airport or across town for that important business meeting, our luxurious Connecticut limo service will make sure you get there in style. Don’t compromise when it comes to travel – our chauffeurs are professional and reliable, so you don’t have to leave anything to chance whenever your business takes you away from the office.

Posted on Feb 27 2018

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