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Mastering the Art of Day Trips and Weekend Getaways


Don't underestimate how much enjoyment you can pack into one getaway day or one getaway weekend in Connecticut, also known as the Constitution State, the Nutmeg State, and the Provision State.

Your Exquisite "Daycation"

A day trip, frequently misunderstood as an unfulfilling undertaking, is often underestimated. A well-arranged day trip in a comfortable limo for your Connecticut ground transportation is an experience unto itself. 
Think of the creativity of "roughing it" in a luxury limo. You can still bring your rucksack, hop in your limo for the day, and explore some distant area to put in a couple of value days in the wild, which has been hard to imagine. You feel like you have room schedule-wise to do it. You have full time (or more) employment. It may be ideal if we were all expert swashbucklers and could go through much of each week observing nature. Unfortunately, and realistically, even those days at the end of the week offer additional time that you cannot save. That fact is more motivation to discover the delights of a day trip. 

Plan Your Course

Sometimes, not having an arrangement can lead you to stunning revelations. That being stated, commonly you end up no place. Since you only have a day, conduct some investigations before you leave. Where would you like to go? To what extent will it take a lot of time? What is the most panoramic detour? Are there spots you need to stop en route? Regardless of whether the strategy changes, realizing a little more about what you can and will do eliminates distracting choices the day of. 

Invite One or More Friends to Join You

There is a saying that walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. The same may be true for this day's limo-supported outing.

Rise Early

A third of your 24-hour day is over by 8 a.m. Rise before sunrise so some of your limousine ride takes place in the dark. You can enjoy the dawn at someplace great en route. This is particularly significant in the winter when you may just get daylight for about eight hours.

Dress Well and Comfortably

There is no awful climate, just awful apparel. Don't depress or embarrass yourself with unattractive attire on this "daycation".

Try Not to Dread a Lengthy Ride

There's that cascade you've desired to observe or that concealed shoreline, yet it's five hours away and you think ten total hours in a limo, for example, is unreasonably long even for a one-day trip. Well, it depends on the trip. 

Respect Your Goal

You'll be astonished at how much time, despite everything, you have left. Or on the other hand, you can make the ride the goal, riding from this spot to that place and enjoying more scenery than expected. 
Put Together Snacks, Lunch and Stop for Supper
There are locations in this reality where cafés are rare, so be proactive and bring along your lunch. This will help amplify those valuable hours of light and enable you to eat at some lovely scenic spot or beautiful picnic place. Later, when the sun sets and if you want to, stop at some interesting neighborhood joint to relish a tasty supper before the long commute back home. 

Scratch the Original Plan

Don't forget that occasionally you have to throw away the original plan in favor of present opportunities. Be adaptable. That cascade will be there for another day trip. That annual event you just approached is something you would prefer not to miss. 

Other Entertainment Ideas

If you are tired of looking out of the windows, you can always relax, watch television, listen to music piped in through an outstanding stereo system or just take a quick catnap or a longer one. Your seating has been selected for maximum comfort.

Your Wonderful Weekend Getaways

What you did for a day you can do for a weekend and more. You may consider adding more (or fewer) friends and/or loved ones. Your chauffeur is at your service to help you maximize this day. In fact, the outcomes of this exploratory day may even inspire you to book another weekend for an extended weekend getaway.

Your Chauffeur

Whatever day or days you select, your chauffeur will arrive early and ready. They will be aware of anticipated weather and weather delays as well as feasible alternatives. Your chauffeur is well dressed and well groomed. They are discreet and talkative or quiet according to your preference. Your chauffeur is properly licensed. They will have a calm demeanor in all types of traffic or weather. Rest assured that the chauffeur we assign to you will be a bonded employee who is fully trained and has a perfect driving record. That person also gives attention to major and minor details that enhance your experience.
You already know that this limousine trip removed the tensions of the week. From the professionalism of the chauffeur to the legroom comfort better than any airplane, the limousine provides a great initial and repeat the getaway experience. From sunrise to sunset and beyond, a safe and stress-free luxury outing is just a phone call away. When you return to work and elsewhere, you can ask people "how was your weekend" primarily because you are very eager to tell people about yours.
Providing memories of safe and comfortable luxury with top-of-the-line professional chauffeurs is how we get to build our business. When you choose our Connecticut limo service for your weekend getaway transportation, you get the best. Grab your friends and loved ones and enjoy a great day trip or a memorable weekend getaway.
When it comes to a road trip, the journey is as important as the destination itself, so don’t hesitate to use the best Connecticut ground transportation solutions from Premier Limousine. 

Posted on May 07 2019

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