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Important Tips for First Time Honeymooners


Congratulations! You just got married. A honeymoon is much needed after months and months of preparations for the big day. For most couples, this is a trip of a lifetime where you take a break to share private and intimate moments that help establish love in the relationship.

This trip is certified to be much needed to keep newly wedded couples bonded during the initial days of marriage.

We get it, for first-time honeymooners, the thought of how the whole thing would play out can be overwhelming. This article would ease your worries by discussing essential tips for first-time honeymooners.


  • Be realistic with your honeymoon plans
  • Spend quality time with each other
  • Don’t rush a thing


Exploring a new place with your partner is a good bonding exercise. You don’t have to leave for your honeymoon the day after your wedding. In fact, most couples postpone till all plans are set.

Have a budget, learn about your honeymoon destination, book with a travel agent for cheaper options and pick a convenient date for you both.

A common mistake most honeymooners make is to plan their trip with plans to do a lot of sightseeing and activities. There will be days when the two of you will want to simply want to spend some time alone. Instead, explore with your partner and watch the romance grow.



I know you spent a lot of quality time during the dating phase so what’s the need for this again you say? Your honeymoon is probably the first time you both will get to be alone with no family, work or the wedding plans you had to do all by yourself because he won’t participate to interfere. This is a perfect time to know each other and rekindle the love affair.

Have open conversations and be honest with each other. If it bugs you, this is a perfect time to discuss it with your partner; the feel of euphoria is alive!

Don’t leave out the spice, small gestures like a hug, a peck or even simply holding your hands now and then can help intensify that bond between you two. Remember showing your loved one you care can go a long way in helping her relax so other things can fall in place. *wink wink*.


Planning a honeymoon for the first time can be overwhelming but with these important tips mentioned, you can have the best time of your lives. Consider our Connecticut limo service to ease your transportation troubles. Our Connecticut airport shuttle will take you to the airport and help you have the best time possible.

Posted on Apr 10 2018

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