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The Importance of a Trained Chauffeur


How do you stand out from the competition in this business? Everybody has amazing vehicles nut what about people? A professional team will make you stand out, for sure. Starting with the chauffeurs.  The truth is that a qualified chauffeur ensures you have a positive experience.

Our chauffeurs are our assets. Here are a few traits:

Outstanding Customer Service

Always professional and polite, you recognize the Premier chauffeur because he is confident enough to make eye contact with you; he will always open the door for you, take care of any luggage, and offer you information about points of interest, if this is something you want to know about.

A  professionally trained chauffeur is a gentleman.

Mechanical Knowledge

Although you do not expect your chauffeur to perform complex mechanical work, a chauffeur must have basic knowledge of mechanics. That way, small issues can be fixed quickly without disrupting service or compromising your schedule.

Positive Attitude

A good chauffeur will be proud of the service provided and willing to go the extra mile to make an impression. Even in times of stress, a highly trained chauffeur will know how to make the situation better. Your chauffeur should have a great attitude, a problem solving thinking. He has to know when to be quiet and when to offer reassurance.

Personal Appearance and Hygiene

While this might seem like a no-brainer, you want your limo clean and groomed. A trained chauffeur will dress in appropriate attire, which typically consists of a dark suit, white shirt or blouse, and tie.

The same is true for personal hygiene in that you want a professional driver who is clean.

Our team of chauffeurs passed all tests mentioned above. They are one of the reasons why our customers love us.

Reasons to choose Premier Limousine: Professionally Trained Chauffeurs, 24/7 Full-Service Transportation, Largest Fleet in Connecticut.


  • Professionally Trained Chauffeurs

Posted on Nov 29 2016

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