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How to Prepare for a Big Convention


Life in the business world revolves around many necessary meetings, projects, and deadlines. It is often necessary to plan large scale gatherings to get everyone up to date on the latest company goals and achievements. Conventions are a great way to bring employees together from many different locations. They offer a fun alternative to daily meetings and cover a lot of information over the course of several days. There are several things you can do to make sure the convention runs smoothly.


There are several things that need to be considered when deciding on a venue. You need to have a good estimate of the number of people planning to attend the event before you can book a location. Some venues have limited space. You also need to decide if all the meetings can take place in one large area or if you need separate rooms for different specialty groups. The location needs to be accessible to the guests without causing a large transportation cost, as well.


It can be budget friendly to leave employees on their own for meals, however, this often makes it more difficult to get everyone to the scheduled conference events on time. Those traveling from out of town may have to walk or use public transit to get to a restaurant. Make sure the hotel offers breakfast and consider having lunch catered to the conference venue. This way you can keep everyone in place for the entire work day and disperse in time for personal dinner plans. A selection of pastries and coffee or a catered breakfast can also be a great motivator to get people to the venue for an early morning meeting.


If there is no space at the hotel for the meetings to take place or the group is too large, you may need to provide transportation to an off-site venue. A Connecticut car service can be hired to transport groups to the convention center each morning and take them back to the hotel at the end of the work day. Large vehicles can be requested when you schedule ahead of time. A Connecticut limo service can also provide your visitors with a luxury night out.


It is best to have everyone invited to the convention staying in one place. Otherwise, transportation can become complicated. A large group often makes it easier to get discount rates, as well. This also makes it easier for business members to spend time together after the work day. People with the same goals can meet at the convention and form positive work relationships. Solidarity in the workplace can make a company more successful. The evenings can also be a source of enjoyment after a long day sitting in meetings. Coworkers can meet in the hotel dining room or share a ride to a nice restaurant.

Our car service can help you get your entire team to meetings at any time of day. A personal chauffeur is the most reliable way to get around a new town. We have vehicles big enough to get large groups to your convention venue. Schedule morning and afternoon transport for your entire group.

Posted on Feb 26 2019

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