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How to Impress Business Partners During Business Dinners


There is a popular misconception that the gesture of buying your business partners a meal is enough to leave a lasting impression. That’s not true. Don’t get us wrong, everybody loves a free meal. However, impressing your business partners during business dinners extends beyond footing the bill.

You have to pay attention to the dinner etiquette, which is more formal than lunch, you have to pay attention to the way you behave. And if you want to go the extra mile, you have to pay attention to the way you arrive.

Start off Simply

It is almost rude to jump into business discussions immediately. You want to start with small talks and maintain it through most of the dinner. This is because going straight to business discussions can come off as being too aggressive.

If you know your business partners, take that time to ask them questions about their personal life. And if you don’t, use the opportunity to learn more about them. When should the business talk start, you ask?

Business talks should not start until the after the main course.

Never Let Them See the Bill

This is kinda obvious, don’t you think? Your business partners are not supposed to know how much you are paying for dinner. Do not allow them to get a glimpse of the check. If you want to take it a step further, do not let the check come to the table at all.

That means you have to prepay the bill before your business partners arrive. Another option is to discreetly slip away “into the bathroom” to pay for the meal. This is to prevent the awkwardness your business partner might feel when you sign the bill in front of them.

Maintain their Pace

Do not eat faster than your business partner, it’ll appear like you’re trying to rush through dinner. Do not eat too slow either, it’ll look like you’re uncomfortable with the plate. How fast can you eat, you ask? At your business partner’s pace.

It gives them the feeling of being in control and keep them content. The same rule applies when you’re drinking too. Just don’t drink too much if your business partner decides to get sloppy.

Keep Your Cool

You must be polite throughout the entire meal, particularly to the servers. Even if mistakes are made, remain gracious and calm. This is because how you treat others is a true reflection of your character. As such, a potential business partner may not want to do business with you if you act irrational or rude.

The Extra Mile

The way you act is not always enough to impress your business partners. Sometimes, you have to go that extra mile. That’s right, we are talking about the car. If you arrive in a broken and worn out vehicle, you won’t be taken seriously, regardless of how mannered you are during dinner.

Instead, consider booking our Connecticut limo service. We, at Premier Limousine, have been the choice of thousands of business professionals over the years, including many well-known politicians and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Posted on Apr 24 2018

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