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Helping Your Teens Plan the Perfect and Safest Prom


Going to prom is one of the most special times in the life of a teenager. As a parent, you should do all you can to help make your teens have the perfect prom. However, you can't just cross your fingers and hope that everything goes well. You need to do all kinds of planning and focus on safety above all else. These are some tips for helping your teens plan the perfect and safest prom. 

1. Start Early 

Prom might not be for another month or so, but that doesn't mean you should put off planning until the last second. The less you procrastinate, the more you and your teen will be able to get out of the experience. When you're certain that your teen will be going to prom, whether with a date or solo, make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished by then. You can devote about an hour a week to prom preparation. By the time the big day rolls around, you'll be far better off. You can also help to avert any possible disasters by looking for a back-up plan. 

2. Get the Right Outfit 

Whether it's a dress or tuxedo, you want your teen's outfit to scream "elegance." It should be a strong reflection of their looks and personality. A dress that might look great on one girl might not look so great on your daughter. They should also get their hair styled and be well-groomed in terms of facial hair. You should also let your teen take the lead. They've just entered or about to enter adulthood and letting them make their own decisions goes a long in showing that you respect them. 

3. Teach Them How to Treat Their Date 

Part of going to prom is escorting a companion, whether it's a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend or just an evening date. Your teen should be educated in the dos and don'ts of being a good prom date. They should know how to show proper etiquette, like opening doors and refraining from looking at their phones while at dinner. Prom is likely to be the most formal date your teen has ever had, and they need to show that they're going to give their date all the thoughtfulness they deserve. 

4. Teach Them How to Dance 

You don't need to be Mikhail Baryshnikov in order to be a good dancer at prom, but it never hurts to brush up on your skills. Your teen should know how to move their feet and guide their partner. Offer them any pointers that may have helped when you went to prom or in other dancing scenarios. You should also make sure that their shoes are comfortable and allow them to move along the dance floor with as much comfort as possible. Dancing is one of the most fascinating and exciting forms of communication. You should teach your teen to make their ancestors proud by giving them tips on how to be the best dancer they can possibly be. 

5. Teach Them Safety 

Though prom should be a time of joy and affection, it can, unfortunately, contain potential dangers. Make sure your teen is educated on matters such as sexual assault and alcohol use. They should understand the importance of keeping their guard up and not allowing anyone to take advantage of them. If their date or another person is acting strangely, let them know they can leave or call you to pick them up right away. Your teen has an absolute right to boundaries. Their bodies and decisions are to be respected by everyone without any need for justification. 

6. Make Dinner Arrangements 

Before the big dance, your teen should make plans for a big dinner. Consider the tastes of your teen and their date. They might not book a table at the fanciest restaurant in town, but they can certainly find a place to dine where their dresses and tuxedos won't be an awkward fit. Your teen should also be taught the importance of proper restaurant manners, from how to position the napkin to how to order and tip a server. When you go out to eat with them before prom, pay attention to how they carry themselves and offer any pointers to ensure they make the best possible impression. They don't want to end up alienating their date with poor table manners. 

7. Get a Limo Service 

There's no better way to make an entrance at prom than by stepping out of a limo. This can give your teen a glimpse of luxury. The cost can also be made quite reasonable if they're willing to share with friends. This can help to put your teens in an even more excited mood. They should know how to be respectful of both the limo and the chauffeur. Anyone who's not willing to treat the limo with the proper consideration shouldn't be able to come along. 
We want to be a part of your teens' perfect prom experience. Using our Connecticut limo service will ensure that your teens will be able to get to prom safely and in style. Our chauffeurs are highly-qualified and dedicated each and every one of their customers. 
We know that proms are once-in-a-lifetime experiences this is why we provide you with the best special event limousine CT has to offer. We can wow you with a Connecticut prom limo that is everything you’ve ever wanted and more. Give us a call today and we can help them have the best prom possible.

Posted on Apr 03 2019

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