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Healthy travel – 10 smart eating options for business travelers


For business travelers who spend a significant amount of time on the road and in the air, it can be difficult to eat healthy while away from home. Those who are in a rush are prone to grabbing fast food and snacks from vending machines due to lack of time. For those who want to maintain their health, there are a few smart eating options to choose from to maintain a clean diet.


  1. Visit the Grocery Store

Once you arrive at your destination after using our airport shuttle in CT, visit the grocery store to stock up on some snacks that you can enjoy in your hotel room. Granola, fruit, and protein bars will allow you to indulge in healthy snacks in between your meals.


  1. Book a Room with a Mini-Fridge

Booking a room with a mini-fridge will make it easy to store pre-made salads that will stay fresh. Cold snacks can also be stored in the mini-fridge, which includes hard-boiled eggs, slices of cheese, and packets of guacamole.


  1. Pack Dry Snacks

Dry snacks can easily fill you up and are easy to take with you through security checkpoints at the airport. Pack beef jerky, nuts, and seeds or packets of almond butter are ideal options that are travel-friendly.


  1. Dine at Healthy Restaurants

When arriving at your destination, you can make it a point to dine at healthy restaurants, if time allows you, it is best to try and research them before going on the trip, if not, you can easily find information at your hotel's front desk.


  1. Forego the Bun

If you're in a bind and have to dine at a fast food establishment, opt for customizing your order by skipping the bun on your hamburger or choosing vegetables that have been steamed instead of fried.


  1. Skip Alcohol

Reduce your alcohol intake while you're on the go by choosing to drink sparkling water instead of wine or hard liquor when you have a business meeting or are spending time with a colleague at the hotel bar.


  1. Check the Menu Ahead of Time

When you're planning on dining out at formal restaurants, opt for checking the menu ahead of time. Many of our customers use our Connecticut limousine services to obtain reliable transportation to a local restaurant, which will allow you to check the menu during the comfortable ride on your smartphone or laptop. You will also make a great appearance at the location.


  1. Order Dressing on the Side

Many travelers make the mistake of ordering a salad while they're on the go, but the intake of calories can be high due to the dressing that is used. Opt for ordering the dressing on the side to avoid drenching the salad in the oil.


  1. Make Oatmeal for Breakfast

Bring packets of sugar-free oatmeal with you for your hotel room, which you can make by pouring hot water from the coffee maker into a bowl for a healthy breakfast option that will allow you to skip the pancakes or French toast at the continental breakfast.


  1. Eat Smaller Portions

Eating smaller portions during the day will allow you to avoid an afternoon crash and will prevent you from picking up fast food during the day if you haven't eaten for several hours.

Posted on Jan 17 2017

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