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Getting Away from it all: The Art of the Vacation


We are sure we can all agree that vacations are pretty awesome, but who says that something awesome cannot be made even better? Here, at our Connecticut airport shuttle service, we don’t believe in placing limits on ourselves and, as such, we have decided to come up with a comprehensive guide on how you can make all your subsequent vacations even better than you have ever imagined.

However, before we get to that, we would like to recommend the use of our Connecticut limo service for all your holiday/vacation travels. Vacations are meant to be a time of relaxation and nothing can get in the way of your holiday bliss than having to drive and navigate through traffic in an unfamiliar destination. Let our professionally trained chauffeurs take the wheel as you simply relax in the back of one of our luxury vehicles and enjoy the company of your family and friends and look forward to arriving at your next vacation destination. Now let’s have a look at the measures you can take to guarantee yourself the best vacation possible.

Recognize that Planning is the Best Part

Allow yourself to enjoy the buildup towards the actual vacation; anticipation is a significant aspect of human happiness. This might sound obvious but individuals who take more vacations are actually happier than people who don’t. But did you know that a significant part of that happiness manifests before the vacation itself? Well, it does. When you think about all the fun you are going to have, you feel just as much joy as you would have on the actual vacation, which in essence means that you are getting a double dose of happiness, which also means that you are happy for twice as long. We, therefore, recommend picking vacation dates well ahead of time in order to allow yourself the joy of anticipation.

Go for Quality

Most people assume that once-in-a-lifetime trips, like a month-long visit to Australia, will make them much happier than a simple local vacation, which may be true, but there is a downside to this approach. In the long run, the once-in-a-lifetime aspect may lead to a significant blowback. The mind tends to refer to past pleasures; if you therefore only focus on once-in-a-lifetime experiences you may be unable to enjoy anything that appears to be less epic. As such, we recommend going for smaller, more frequent vacations as opposed to less frequent, grand getaways.

Go for New Experiences

Have you ever thought about how, when you were 10 years old vacations seemed to last forever? That’s because to a 10-year-old everything is new and fascinating, and time seems to slow down because the minds is processing every new experience as a different adventure. As adults, on the other hand, you have experienced just about everything, you know what you like to do on vacation, so you tend to stick to a specific routine. We recommend breaking out of your comfort zone and going for a new experience; if you have never been kayaking go for it, if you have never zip-lined through a forest seek out that adventure, and so forth.

Be Spontaneous

Yes, we know we have encouraged you to focus on the planning leading up to the vacation, but, as mentioned above, it is equally important to be spontaneous and try new things. It could be something as epic as going bungee jumping or something as simple as trying exotic cuisine. Either way, do not shy away from doing something completely random on your next vacation. However, we must say, if you find that you completely detest the experience, don’t hesitate to leave for the sake of meagre spontaneity. You don’t want to ruin the entire vacation.

Manage Work

There are a few people who believe that happiness can be derived from working on vacation, which is not exactly accurate. We think that the resulting emotion will be as a result of how much you can control the situation. For example, if you are working because your boss called you needing a certain task done then you will automatically resent the work, which may even ruin your entire vacation. However, if you are working for yourself, on something you enjoy, and have a sense of autonomy doing it, you may just enjoy the experience. In the latter case, you can wake up early and complete a task even before the kids are up and ready to go, which will result in a sense of achievement and satisfaction on both the work and vacation fronts.

Be Vigilant

Nothing will ruin your vacation more than learning you have just misplaced your valuables. Keep an eye on your belongings while you are on vacation and never let them out of your sight unsecured; cellphones, watches, laptops, cameras, etc. There are going to be individuals looking to prey on unsuspecting travelers, which is unfortunate, but that’s just the way it is, so stay vigilant at all times.

Wrap up on a High Note

Your mind will always give high priority to those things that happened last in a series of events; psychologists call this the recency effect. This may sound scary, but you can use this to your advantage and intentionally end the vacation with a bang. For example, save the most exciting thing on your itinerary for last or simply splurge on a first-class seat on your way home; anything that will be just a bit more exciting than all your other vacation experiences.

The Transition

Although you want to take full advantage of your vacation and go back home on Sunday, this may make your Monday feel pretty frantic. If you despise feeling this way, then come back a few days before you have to resume your regular routine. This will give you enough time to transition and get your affairs back in order, even the small things such as getting laundry done and purchasing the week’s groceries.

Posted on Jun 20 2019

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