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Our Favorite Travel Books


When you're traveling, there's always going to be some time to spare in between places. Instead of wasting it looking through your phone, why not use this precious time to read a book? You might be surprised just how easy it is to breeze through a chapter on your way to the airport in our JFK car service. Traveling can really feel like a luxury when you're lost in a good book and relaxing in a clean and comfortable car. Here are our favorite picks for travel books:


  1. Eat Pray Eat by Michael Booth

This is a great read for anyone who adores Indian food and dry British wit. Although this is a bit of a strange combination, it really works in this book. Eat Pray Eat is a memoir that details Booth's difficult and inspiring journey to India to reconnect with his family and love of Indian cuisine. In the book, Booth reveals how yoga and meditation brought a new perspective into his cynical, atheist world that changed his life forever. It's a great cross between food reviews and a traveler's diary.


  1. M Train by Patti Smith

If you're a fan of New York, you must pick up this book and read it. Legendary artist, Patti Smith, beautifully recollects her life in the city through a series of site-specific memories. She wanders from train station to Greenwich village, Sylvia Plath's grave to quiet caf├ęs, and anywhere that inspires her. Through the perspective of a truly creative soul, it's hard to not be moved by every page of this book. It's a great literary companion to reflect on as you travel.


  1. Into the Wild by Jon Krakaeur

This is an inspiring book to read while traveling. It's the true story of a young man, Chris McCandless, who decided to give up all of his material possessions and hike his way into the Alaskan wilderness. The author has compiled all of the letters, diaries, interviews, and photographs that accompanied McCandless on his journey into a beautiful portrait of his life in the wild. The writing is so engaging, you'll have a hard time putting this one down. Be sure to watch the movie, too!


  1. The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

A classic piece of literature, The Sun Also Rises, is one of Hemingway's best novels. If you've never read any of his books, be sure to make this one the first. His writing is surprisingly sparse and powerful. Written from the character's perspective, it follows Jack Barnes as he makes his way from the roaring nightlife of Paris in the 1920s all the way to the bullfighting rings of war-torn Spain. Of course, there is a little romance thrown in there as well.

Any of these four novels would make a great travel companion for those trips from the airport in our limo service ct.

Posted on Feb 16 2017

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