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What Should You Expect from a Professional Driver


The main reason to hire a professional chauffeur company is to improve your commute.

Whether you are going to the airport or being chauffeured around the city to visit clients, you should expect professionalism in every detail. And it is the little details that count.

At Premier Limo, we provide professional Connecticut Airport Shuttle, limousine, and other chauffeur services.


They Should Have Professional Drivers

This is one of the most important factors that will determine how good your ride is. A professional driver will know the area, be able to drive smoothly and still get you there on time every time. At Premier Limo, our drivers go through rigorous background checks and tests to make sure they can provide the perfect chauffeur service.


The Driver Should Know the Area

If you have booked a professional chauffeur, it’s probably to take the stress out of your journey. That’s why it is extremely important that the driver knows the area. While all of our drivers are equipped with advanced GPS systems, they also have a deep knowledge of Connecticut and the surrounding areas. That way, if they encounter traffic or an unexpected delay, they can make a quick decision to keep you on time.


They Should Be on Time, Every Time

A professional chauffeur is never late. In fact, a large part of the job is waiting around. This is so that when you are ready, the driver is already waiting to pick you up. When you pay for this service, you should never have to wait around.

Our headquarters have advanced GPS systems that provide our drivers with live traffic updates, flight information and anything else that will ensure they are on time.


The Vehicles Should Be Perfectly Maintained

A perfectly maintained vehicle is essential to a professional car hire service. That doesn’t just mean making sure the vehicle is spotless, it means that it is regularly serviced and kept in perfect condition. The last thing you want is to break down on the way to an important meeting or a flight.

That’s why we have our own mechanics who take thorough care of our vehicles.


You Should Know What You’re Being Charged For

You should always know what you are paying for with a professional car hire service. There are those companies who charge extortionate rates for a poor service. At Premier Limo, we are very transparent about our services. While we don’t profess to be the cheapest, our rates are carefully thought out so that you are paying exactly what the service is worth.

To book the best chauffeur service in Connecticut, contact us today.

We really care about the quality of our service. We will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready with a professional driver and a perfectly maintained car.


Posted on Nov 14 2017

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