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Choosing the Right Limo for your Needs


If you were to search the web for limousine services in Connecticut, you will probably find hundreds of them. This is both a good thing and a bad thing; a good thing for you because you have a wide variety of options to choose from, but also very daunting because it makes it extremely hard to decide on one. We understand that it is quite easy to find yourself in this dilemma while looking for a reliable transportation service, which is why our Connecticut car service specialists have taken it upon themselves to highlight several key factors you should consider before contracting a limousine service. 
It is extremely important to take the time to make sure that the limousine service you are considering is a reputable one, that meets your criteria, and irrefutably has the capacity to cater to your unique transportation needs. Here are a few key factors to consider before contracting any limousine service.

Type of Service

Before you contract a limousine service, it is absolutely imperative that you find out what kind of service the company specializes in. There will be companies that specialize in airport transportation, some will specialize in wedding transportation, and others will specialize in corporate transportation, etc. Ensure that the company you are about to contract is sufficiently equipped and/or experienced in providing the kind of transportation you need. This guarantees that your service provider will be ready with all the material and amenities needed for the type of service you are looking for. Not only will this give you peace of mind it will also save you lots of time and money while providing you with a comfortable and luxurious experience perfectly suited for the occasion. 


When you are looking for a limousine service you are, of course, looking for a company with a vehicle or vehicles that suit the occasion. Are you looking for a conventional stretch limousine? Do you need an exceptionally large capacity? Do you need extra room for your luggage? Do you prefer an SUV stretch limousine? Is there a model of vehicle you are looking for? All these are questions you have to ask yourself beforehand; this way you know exactly what you are looking for when you start looking into potential service providers.
Finding a vehicle that is perfectly suited for your occasion/event will go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy yourself and that any companions you may be tagging along are as comfortable as possible. Therefore, be sure to check each potential service provider’s fleet.
Note, however, as much as you can check out the fleet online, it is important that you check out the fleet physically to make sure that the vehicle or vehicles you have chosen are exactly as advertised on the website; make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises on the day of the event.


It’s easy to assume that safety comes automatically, but you want to ensure that you are hiring a company that will provide you the safest ride possible. After all, the whole point of contracting a concierge car service is to be able to relax and not worry about a thing until you are at your destination. You, therefore, want to find out if the company’s chauffeurs are trained and have received proper certification. Another important factor to consider is whether the company has liability insurance and whether you, the passenger, are covered in the unlikely event that an accident happens. These may not be the most pleasant questions, but a reputable company will have nothing to hide and they will not hesitate to address every little concern you may have.

Time in Operation

Sure, it isn’t impossible for a company to begin today and still have the capacity to provide its clients with stellar services, so this is not a basis for disqualifying a potential service provider. Nonetheless, the experience is something that cannot be substituted and the amount of experience a company has had may be an indicator of the quality of service you should expect from your limo company. This is because a company that has a lot of experience will have had a lot of time to mitigate their shortcomings, ensuring that things always run as smoothly as possible. We would like to reiterate that this is not a criterion for disqualifying a potential service provider, but if you do find a company that fits your requirements and still has a number of experience worth of experience under its belt, that would be a great bonus.

Quality of Service

Find out what kind of service your potential limousine company offers its clients. This will ensure, or at least make it highly possible, that you will receive excellent professional service when the time comes. Factors you may want to consider include the type of training chauffeurs have gone through, company accreditation, and quality assurance.
One of the best and easiest ways to find out if a potential company offers high-quality services is by checking out their customer reviews. Former clients have no reason to hold back on the kind of experience they had with the company and will, therefore, give their honest feedback in the company website’s customer review section. An overwhelming number of negative reviews should raise a red flag and it may be time to start considering other options.


The price will vary depending on the service package you choose, the type of vehicle, and other features. There will also be limousine services that offer per-hour rates as opposed to package rates. Per-hour rates may be cheaper if you only need to hire the limousine for a short period of time while package pricing may be better suited for long events, e.g. corporate events and weddings. The ideal type of pricing will depend on your individual needs.
Picking the right limousine service is one way to guarantee a smooth, hassle-free transportation experience. Whether for business or pleasure, consider contracting our Connecticut limo service and let our professionally trained chauffeurs handle all the driving and navigation as you simply relax in the back of one of our luxury vehicles and are safely and expediently transferred to a destination of your choosing.

Posted on May 21 2019

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