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Arrive in style: secrets for business travelers


Arriving in style is something we understand well. The professional chauffeurs working for our Connecticut car service help business travelers arrive in style every day, and we’ve learned a thing or two about style along the way. Our clients have taught us that arriving in style means more than just showing up for a business meeting or event in one of our luxury vehicles or utilizing our airport limo service in CT. It means arriving without stress, looking as if you just spent a relaxing day at the spa, and wearing your best business game face. We can help you learn how that’s done by sharing the secrets we’ve learned from our business clients over the years.


Book a Car Service

The best way to arrive anywhere in style when you’re traveling for business is to book our car service. Our professional chauffeurs provide the cleanest, most comfortable, most luxurious cars available, and we treat our business clients like royalty.


Dress Well

One thing we’ve learned from our business clients is never to travel in your meeting attire. If you plan on attending a meeting or event following your flight, wear something comfortable on your flight and change at the airport. Airlines allow you to carry a garment bag onto your flights and use their little closets in which to hang your items for wrinkle-free storage. Pack your business suit or dress to change into quickly at the airport or before you land. It’s no fun to change in the bathroom at the airport, but it’s better than wearing your business suit on a long flight and arriving wrinkled and smelling like your seat mate’s breakfast sandwich.


Drink Water

If you drink water, you look and feel better. The air is so much different in the air, and it dries you out. Your skin looks pale, your color is off, and you become very dry. You’re more likely to swell and develop headaches in the air. Drink plenty of water to avoid all this, and you’ll arrive in style anywhere you go.


Take a Direct Flight

It might be the flight that leaves earlier and requires you to wake up earlier, but it’s also better than taking a connecting flight. The more you board, get off a plane, board another plane, prepare for departure and take-off, the more stressed you feel. Take a direct flight to minimize your travel time and you’ll arrive feeling cleaner, more put together, and much happier.

Our professional chauffeurs know you want to arrive in style, which is why we offer you a variety of snacks and beverages, and we can recommend options you might need to utilize on your way to a meeting. Let us help you make the most of your business trip by ensuring you arrive in style no matter where you’re going. You only get one chance to make a powerful first impression on your new clients or colleagues.

Posted on Mar 07 2017

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