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Airbnb Questions, Concerns, and Benefits for Family Travel


For as long as you can think, hotels have dominated the hospitality industry and it seemed like it would be that way for a long time to come. But over the past decade, that narrative has surprisingly been changing with the emergence of online hospitality market places. Today, you don’t strictly have to rent a hotel for the family any time you travel, you can simply log onto the Airbnb website and rent a home from people in the region you will be visiting.

While the Airbnb platform has been around for more than a decade, the concept is still fairly new to most people. The specialists at our Connecticut airport shuttle service have decided to tell you about the most common questions and concerns, as well as the benefits of choosing Airbnb may have for a traveling family.

For your family vacation, ease the pressure of traveling with the gang by employing the services of reliable car service such as our airport limo service in Connecticut. Focus all your attention on keeping the rug rats from pulling each other’s hair off and let our professionally trained chauffeurs transfer you from the airport to your Airbnb and around your travel destination. Now, let’s address some of the most common concerns you may have about Airbnb and discover the benefits of this form of accommodation.

Common Concerns


Well, there have been several reported cases of people discovering, upon arrival, that the pictures posted on the website do not reflect what is on the ground. One disadvantage of choosing Airbnb is that there is no express guarantee that your accommodation will be exactly as advertised. In fact, there is a possibility that the actual place could look completely different from what you expected. The most common challenges Airbnb guest experience is finding themselves in unsafe neighborhoods, bug infestations, broken amenities, hostile hosts, undisclosed roommates, and even hidden cameras on the premises. So, yes, misrepresentation is a valid concern.

To avoid falling victim to this, we recommend reading all the reviews of any potential Airbnb accommodation to see what previous guests have to say about the premises. These reviews will inform you of what to expect, who to rule out, and who to keep in consideration before narrowing down on one specific accommodation.

Airbnb Clones

Yes, there have been reports of various websites popping up and pretending to be Airbnb and there have also been reports of scammers masquerading as Airbnb staff. Several users have lost money in the thousands after being led to believe that a certain individual was an actual Airbnb representative, all victims claiming that the payment details and emails they received seemed authentic. This is not the only scam that guests have fallen prey to, others scams include a host soliciting extra cash or demand for offsite payment. So be vigilant, ensure that you are actually on the official Airbnb website and never agree to make any transactions off the website’s prescribed channels.

Fishy Hosts

Any service that factors in human beings can never be perfect, there is just no way to guarantee perfection in the delivery of that service. Remember you are choosing between millions of hosts, all with different characters and personalities; not all of them will be of upstanding character, not all of them will be honest, reliable, or trustworthy. Therefore, when booking an Airbnb you should stay vigilant and look for any red flags from your host, especially when you have the family with you. Apart from the host being of questionable character during your stay, they could also cancel your booking just hours to the agreed upon arrival time, so make sure you have a plan B, a second accommodation in mind in case this happens, again, especially if the gang is tagging along for the trip.



We can all agree that family is not similar to solo travel in terms of cost; it tends to be much more expensive than traveling alone. However, we are sure that if you have to travel with the family you would much rather spend your resources on sites and activities as opposed to spending on a luxury hotel, right? Airbnb tends to be much cheaper than hotel accommodations, even those closest to the city. With Airbnb you can get a lot more space at a lower price and the money you would have spent on the hotel can be rechanneled into more exciting activities, it works perfectly for a family getaway.

Homely Feel

Most Airbnbs are personal properties with all the comforts and amenities of a home. That means space, washing machines, cooking facilities, and probably even a yard, which is much easier if you travel with the little ones in comparison to hotel accommodations. You might even get lucky and your host may go the extra mile to make your stay more comfortable. For example, getting toys for the little ones to play with during your stay. Or providing you with a grill for a backyard BBQ; you might not even notice you left home.

Personal Touch

Since you get to interact directly with the owner of the property when making a booking, you get to ask questions and describe to them exactly what you are looking for and share any special requirements you may have. The hosts depend on positive reviews to keep attracting guests and they will most likely be accommodating and put in an effort to guarantee that your stay is as fulfilling as can be.


The whole process of booking on Airbnb is absolutely simple, just make sure you are on the official website. That includes the search, inquiry, reading reviews, booking, and access to the accommodations. You can also filter your searches, and if you are traveling with the family you can set your filter for only family-friendly accommodations. In comparison to searching and booking hotel rooms, this feels like a breeze.

Posted on Jul 17 2019

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