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7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making at the Airport


Many travelers have issues navigating through the airport. Whether they have problems with their luggage or have to wait in line for a very long time, it can be frustrating. But there are a few things that you can avoid to reduce your stress at the airport.

Entering Personal Information On Airport Wi-Fi

In a public server such as the airport's, you will be more vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves spying on your activity. Use the data on your phone. If you must use the Wi-Fi, do not enter any personal information. Try to use websites that have encrypted (HTTPS) security.

Forgetting To Put GPS On Your Luggage

A common fear at the airport is that the traveler will lose her luggage. Modern technology seems to provide a resolution to this problem in GPS. If the luggage goes missing, you can tell the airport employees exactly where it is.

Not Arriving Early

A good rule of thumb is to allow yourself at least two hours before arriving at the airport, especially if it is a busy day. Something else to remember will be to ensure that you checked in online before arriving. That is just another line that you will have to navigate through. You certainly do not want to meet the stereotype of the person sprinting through the airport to catch her flight.

Forgetting To Bring Food

In a controlled market like at the airport, you can expect that the prices at the restaurants are going to be pretty high. Beyond that, you are not going to have too many options once you get through security. The problem gets even worse once you actually get on the plane. Stock up on some food so that you do not have to choose between starving and paying $12 for a bag of peanuts.

Planning To Sleep In The Airport

If you have a few connecting flights, you might think that you can get some sleep while you are in the airport. But it is probably not going to happen. When you think of a restful place, you are probably not thinking of the floor of the airport where strangers can leer over you. It also might not be too safe, depending on the airport and the time of day. Another consideration will be whether you know that you can wake up in time for your flight.

Using Too Many Pockets

People do this to avoid carry-on restrictions. But it is not particularly comfortable. Also, you could lose essentials, like your passport or boarding ticket in one of those pockets.

Relying On Public Transportation

Everybody at the airport is going to stand outside waiting for a taxi. You can circumvent the line by relying on our chauffeurs to provide a Connecticut airport shuttle. Since they exude professionalism, efficiency, and courtesy, you will be able to depend on them throughout the duration of your trip. Also, our airport limo service in CT will be more comfortable and make a better impression on colleagues than a taxi.

Posted on Jun 20 2017

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