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6 Tips for Business and Leisure Travel in 2019


This New Year brings an entirely new dimension to travel. Whether you are traveling for business, visiting family or touring cities with friends, you have to appreciate and familiarize yourself with these travel tips.

You can use these tips for International trips or domestic travels and be certain of a fun and safe experience.

1. Confirm Necessary Travel Documents

To avoid unnecessary delays, it is important to check all the necessary travel documents before embarking on your trip. These documents normally include passport, visa, tickets, boarding pass and business documents. Apart from the inconvenience of coming back home to pick forgotten documents, you might miss your flight (air travel) or train. You can choose to pack your bags with your necessities much early rather than last minute; at least a day or two earlier.

2. Book Flights Early

There are endless benefits to booking your transport early. By booking your flight early, you offer yourself a variety of comfort choices. You can consider picking a non-stop flight to make the travel easy, especially if you are visiting a location for the first time. Also, you should opt for seats in the middle. From popular opinions, the middle seats are the best because they create less turbulence and are also the best for people with motion sickness.

3. Take a Jacket/Shawl

This tip goes out to mostly first-time travelers (especially for Air travel). When the plane reaches some altitudes, it gets cold especially in this season. Some air travel services provide you with a blanket; although it may not be able to keep you comfortably warm. Families/individuals traveling with kids are advised to bring along woolen clothes to keep them warm.

4. Make a Checklist

You need to organize your travel experience to get the best out of it and avoid unwanted troubles during the journey. A comfortably detailed checklist should contain tasks to accomplish, things to buy and what you have already. This will prove very useful when you are planning for international travel. Your list should not leave anything important out of it, so you can carry out the necessary things and cross out redundant activities.

5. Travel light

Carry a spacious handbag to hold your travel documents, your clothes and other essentials. Only take the things that you would absolutely need on the journey; this is not just easier, but it creates more space in your bag for shopping. This also ensures you do not forget your important travel documents because you are not going to hassle with a lot of baggage.

6. Contact Hotels and Local Car Rental Service

Contact hotels where you hope to stay to confirm reservations before visiting the hotel. You may need to contact a local car/limo rental service to help you with your local transportation (especially for a business trip). This removes the stress of driving, as some car rental services offer chauffeurs to drive you to your location. You can always count on our Connecticut limo service for seamless transportation solutions.

Wrapping Up

Whatever your purpose for traveling in 2019, these tips are sure to help you have a stress-free and comfortable travel experience.

If you are looking for a reliable Connecticut ground transportation provider, be sure to contact Premier Limousine. Our professional and well-trained chauffeurs are guaranteed to take you anywhere on time and give you a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Posted on Jan 08 2019

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