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6 Business Practices that Increase Productivity


Traveling for business is a great way to experience new and fascinating things and learn new skills. But what about productivity? Let’s talk about how you can increase productivity. This is one of the biggest questions often asked by business owners. You won’t find just one single answer to this question, but there are some business practices that can help achieve this, and seamless business transportation can help you increase productivity during a business trip.

Here is how you can increase productivity.

Create Value at Work

There are daily actions or habits that distract you from your goal of being productive. The first thing to do is to identify these habits and replace them with something that adds value.

Studies have shown that humor is capable of increasing productivity in the workplace. So use it to add value to your working experience and get rid of a bad habit.


Avoid Distractions

One piece of technology that has done much to decrease workplace productivity is the smartphone. There is a temptation to spend the whole day playing some addictive game on your smartphone or watching funny YouTube videos. You must fight this.

We are not asking you to give up gaming on your smartphone altogether. Instead, use it as an incentive. Reward yourself with 20 minutes' time on your smartphone for every four hours of work or if you complete a certain project.


Live Healthily

As a business executive, there is a high tendency to pull long hours and snack when you should eat. This unhealthy lifestyle can decrease productivity in a number of ways. How is it possible, you ask?

Productivity involves working steadily towards a goal without burning out or losing time visiting the hospital. So, break your tasks into tiny bits that can be achieved without overtime. Also, take short breaks to eat healthy meals.


Prepare for Your Day the Night Before

One of the best business practices that increase productivity is to prepare for a new day the night before. That means laying out your work clothes and plugging in the coffee maker before going to sleep. Also, you have to avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks after 6 pm.

Most importantly, go to bed early. This ensures that you wake up earlier than usual to get some work done. After all, it is the most productive part of the day.


Pick Your Priorities

The most crucial part of productivity is time management. You have to learn to prioritize. You don’t have to reply that email immediately if unnecessary, neither do you have to allow your time to be wasted in idle chit-chat. Instead, pick only the most important things and let the rest go.


Book a Car Service

Imagine the number of hours you spend navigating through traffic every day. What if you can use that time for something else? Consider booking our Connecticut limo service. Our Connecticut car service offers the right amount of comfort needed to get some work done, especially during a business trip. Stay focused on your work while our professional chauffeur focuses on the road.


On a Final Note

You’ll never be productive if you worry excessively about productivity. So, rather than put pressure on yourself, simply take pleasure in the work you do. Enjoying what you do increases your productivity. Furthermore, you’ll experience business growth.


Premier Limousine has been the choice of thousands of business professionals over the years, including many well-known politicians and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Rely on our professionally-trained chauffeurs and our 20+ years of experience to ensure that your transportation experience is second to none.

Posted on Jun 12 2018

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