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5 Ways You’re Wasting Time While Traveling


One of the most annoying things about traveling is the amount of time you waste. You have to deal with things like waiting in the airport for your flight, standing in long lines and figuring out how to get around in the destination city. But you can get back more time from your travels by using the right solutions. Here are five time wasting activities you're probably engaging in and the simple solutions to add extra hours to your trip.

  1. Taking Later Flights

Did you know that flights that leave later in the day end up having more delays? If you don't want to waste a ton of time waiting in the airport or sitting idly in the airplane to lift off, take the morning flights. Flights that leave 6 AM to 7 AM in the morning tend to have the fewest delays in arrival times and tend to depart at a faster rate than later flights. If you can't make it that early, consider the 7 AM to 9 AM window as the flights in this time frame also tend to have fewer delays.

  1. Not Being Prepared with the Right Apps and Equipment

Traveling is hectic and losing track of things like your ticket printout can lead to losing hours of your time and even missing your flight in the worst case scenario. By using helpful apps that track your flight, remember your ticket information and provide you directions, you can make your trip easier. You also want to make sure you have one or two backup batteries to help keep your cell phone charged during your trip.

  1. Staying Far From Where You Want to Go

A common mistake that travelers make is choosing a hotel based on the price. Many travelers opt to stay far from where they want to go to save money, but this will actually take away your traveling time and add more transportation costs. Instead, pay a little bit more and try to stay close to all the areas that you want to visit. This will easily add two or more hours a day during your entire trip.

  1. Waiting In Long Lines

Dealing with long lines seems like an unavoidable aspect of traveling, but that's not true. If you're in the U.S., you can sign up for the TSA Precheck to skip the excess security checks and get through on a shorter line. And if you're visiting a new city and you're trying to visit all the attractions, you can save time by paying a little extra. Some cities will have a special city pass or premium tickets for each attraction which will give you express entrance. That means more time to do the things you want to do during your travels.

  1. Figuring Out the Local Transportation Options

Taking public transportation is a great way to save money and get a feel of how locals travel, but it can be very time-consuming. You have to deal with figuring out which buses or trains to take, unpredictable schedules, following the wrong directions and the possibility of getting lost. If you're traveling to Connecticut, make it easier on yourself. Use our Connecticut limo service to have a professional chauffeur drive you to and from your destination.

If you're traveling, you owe it to yourself to get as many free hours as possible. Premiere Limousine can take away the stress of transportation so you can better relax and enjoy your trip. We offer an airport limo service in CT as well as transportation to major city attractions. We'll help you save time so you can maximize your trip.

Posted on Jul 11 2017

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