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5 Foolproof Prom Tips for a Unique Memorable Experience


Nobody understands the significance of Prom better than our Connecticut limo service. Premier Limousine is always looking to make sure the ride is as elegant, fun and special as the main event itself. This is why we thought we would share our thoughts on this momentous occasion, while also providing a few useful tips and tricks along the way.

  1. A tradition for the ages

Let’s start at the beginning. We all know this event is a long-standing tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Everyone who attended high school has formed some sort of opinion about this special experience that inevitably touches the life of every student at some point or another.

At its roots, Prom (a shortened version of the word promenade) was an important milestone in the life of a teenager. Even though it is still a semi-formal affair nowadays, it was a really big deal in the early 1930s, when it first originated. It was a time for youngsters to put on elegant apparel and go act like adults in a formal social setting, for the first time.

  1. Socializing is the center of attention

Keeping an open mind when going to Prom makes for a lot more fun. Everyone plans ahead. A more modern approach is going in large groups of friends, as opposed to couples. Nonetheless, going as a group doesn’t mean ignoring everyone else. Mingling and getting to know like-minded people is an excellent way to enjoy the evening.

  1. Outfits should fit

Nothing can sabotage a lovely evening faster than new shoes, except maybe new, highly uncomfortable clothes. This is why shoes and fancy formalwear should be broken in a few days, maybe even weeks before the big event. Also, there should be enough time for hair and makeup, maybe even a few hours, depending on the complexity of the routine.

  1. Dancing is not the only thing to do

You might be under the impression that this event is just for dancing. This might have been true once upon a time, but nowadays, venues tend to host additional fun activities to liven up the atmosphere so that everyone has a great time. Here are some awesome Prom activities that usually boost attendance and reduce boredom:

  • a selfie station
  • board games
  • card games
  • video games
  • a movie theater
  • a face painting station


  1. Hiring a limo makes a difference

Just like nowadays, going to Prom is a big deal. This is why everything, from outfit to hairstyle, has to be absolutely perfect. Not to mention the essential factor of transportation. Limousines are extremely popular during Prom season, so if you’re planning on renting one for the main event, you should book in advance.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our passengers. This is why we greatly emphasize this aspect. Not only is a limo cool and classy, it also provides the added safety bonus. All chauffeurs are professionally trained and friendly, so there’s nothing to worry about except creating the perfect playlist for the trip.

The unique Connecticut limo service to boost Prom night to new heights

Premier Limousine is proud to offer a lovely Connecticut car service, ideal for the select setting of this irreplaceable event. Arriving at the party in style and stepping out of a shiny limo is the best way to emphasize the formalwear worn for just such an occasion.

Now that we have all that covered, there’s nothing left to do but charge your camera battery and maybe even a backup. Pictures are a must and beautiful dresses and suits deserve to be immortalized. We hope our tips will make it easier to make unforgettable memories on this wonderful occasion.

Posted on Sep 19 2017

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