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5 Clever Ways to Goof Off Productively


Everybody has a strong idea nowadays about what they consider a waste of time. However, activities we have been taught are too time-consuming or wasteful might just prove to be amazingly beneficial for our daily lives as well as our careers. Instead of seeing it as squandering your time away, you can choose to make the breaks you take count as productivity boosters.

When you use our Connecticut limo service you know you are making each second count. Offering amazing services and luxurious vehicles for you to enjoy is our way of making our time count. Let’s see 5 more activities that will infuse your time with creativity and even make it more productive.

  1. Turn procrastination around

Procrastination gets a bad rep most of the time. Nevertheless, it is possible to get numerous benefits out of postponing work. You may even be surprised to notice how taking a walk, watching a YouTube video or washing dishes when you feel like procrastinating can increase overall productivity on the long run.

  1. Internet time doesn’t have to be useless

The modern times we live in are saturated with information. Thanks to the Internet we can learn anything at the push of a button or a quick swipe. But distracting your mind doesn’t need to be meaningless. You can use the Internet to your advantage and do something new. Learn a new language or read about a historical building, for instance.

And because this article is about great time management, you should know that our Connecticut ground transportation services will always ensure you reach your destination in both time and style. This will boost your confidence and offer you some valuable positive energy that you can use to channel into your work to increase productivity.

  1. Give yourself a reward

You don’t have to wait until the end of the day to get gratification. Plan small, motivating treats during the course of your day. They should be short but give you that much-needed satisfaction and sense of fulfillment. For example, have a cup of your favorite tea or listen to your favorite song after you finish a task.

  1. Do some cleaning

The act of cleaning can be a great way to disconnect from a strenuous activity and put your thoughts in order. Whether you are dusting your desk or brushing your teeth, any small action can provide a helpful little break time.

In case you need a longer break, like a trip to a different state, our Connecticut airport shuttle is standing by to show you the true meaning of traveling in style. You will always get transported quickly and safely to the destination where you need to be.

  1. Take a nap

It makes sense that recharging with a quick nap boosts productivity. Countless studies have been done and all of them point to the same positive results of sleeping more during the day.

Some of our clients have enjoyed the most refreshing naps while using our Connecticut car service. The calming setting and high-quality vehicles make snoozing in one of our luxury automobiles a dream come true for everyone.

We hope these five ways of making your break time a little more productive will inspire you to come up with even more creative ways of investing your time into your self-improvement. This will help you grow as a person and inspire those around you as well.

Our stylish airport limo service in CT never disappoints. We offer a variety of services suited to your requirements and exceeding your expectations. Travel in an elegant environment, guided by our professional chauffeurs.

Posted on Sep 05 2017

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