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5 Awesome Corporate Event Ideas You Should Consider


One of the most challenging parts of planning a corporate event is coming up with ideas that will make the event worthwhile. Of course, you have to start by identifying the goals of the event. Every corporate meeting has a business objective, and this objective can be used to create the event’s theme and the overall experience.

The business objective of corporate events may include any of the following;

  • Presenting information on an upcoming product launch
  • An “out of the box” approach to corporate training
  • Team building exercises
  • A reward for exceeding projections

Regardless of the purpose of your corporate event, the right idea can be a combination of business and pleasure, while still meeting the objective.

Outlined below are five excellent corporate event ideas you should consider.

Company Picnic

A company picnic is a fun event that everyone can participate in. You can make it more competitive by including a cookout and a scavenger hunt. How does this work, you ask?

Divide the teams accordingly and select a meal for both groups to cook. The necessary ingredients will not be made available. Each team has to find the ingredients necessary to complete their task. This is a fun event that can also serve as a team-building exercise.

A Ball Game

We are talking about a trip to the ballpark. How is an early afternoon game a great corporate event idea, you wonder? Aside from the fact that it can be a fun way for employees to hang out, it also promotes competitiveness among a different group of employees and encourages each group to work together towards a shared goal.

So, get the game caps, hot dogs, and proper transportation. A ball game might be exactly what you and your employees need.

Boat Cruise

There are times when the objective of the corporate event is to relax, it’s supposed to be a day away from the office. While a winery tour and a demonstration of winemaking are ideal, another great option is to take the employees on a boat cruise.

It doesn’t have to be across the Atlantic, a nearby harbor or slow-moving river will do. It could include sightseeing commentary and lunch too.

Volunteer Work

One of the easiest ways to encourage team bonding is through volunteer work. You can help other people while building your team too. It’s a win-win situation. Volunteer work could include working at a food pantry, helping out at a local kitchen, or serving as a day program for underprivileged kids.

Adopt a Project

This is another team building exercise that encourages bonding. It offers employees an opportunity to utilize skills they don’t usually use at work to solve problems. It also requires a level of creativity. For example, you can do a house makeover.

On a Final Note

Other popular corporate event ideas include room rescue games, laser tag, scavenger hunt, etc. There is one important thing to consider when planning a corporate event idea - transportation. This is where our Connecticut car service comes in.

Consider booking our Connecticut ground transportation service for a comfortable and safe ride to your destination. When booking your next business trip, you can choose from over 100 late-model vehicles of all sizes. Our concierges are experienced in dealing with large groups and can assist in coordinating staggered pick-up times and large group moves.

Posted on Aug 14 2018

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