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4 Reasons to Choose a Prom limo


Choosing to utilize our Connecticut ground transportation when you need an airport transfer or a limo for a night out is an easy choice, but many parents struggle with the idea of booking a limo for their kids on prom night. It’s another expense on an already very expensive evening, but it’s one well worth the price you pay. The price you pay for our Connecticut limo service on prom night is nothing compared to the safety of your kids on this very exciting and potentially dangerous evening. If you’re on the fence about hiring our company on prom night, allow us to provide you with four good reasons to make the call.

Your Kids Aren’t Driving Drunk

We know you don’t want to think your kids are doing anything illegal on prom night, and we certainly aren’t saying they are. However, you have no idea what your children’s friends are up to or what their date is up to. Knowing the person driving your kids around on this night is sober is a relief for all parents. Our professional chauffeurs are sober, wise, and paying attention to the road at all times. We are experienced in keeping our passengers safe.

You Know Where Your Kids Are

You can be in control on prom night. When you hire our professional chauffeurs to drive your kids around on prom night, we follow your instructions. Our chauffeurs do not take instructions from your kids. We deliver them where you tell us all night, but never anywhere that’s not on the prearranged schedule of events for the evening. It’s a nice feeling knowing where your kids are, especially on such an eventful night.

The Safety Aspect

Your kids aren’t accustomed to driving in dress shoes, tuxes, and gowns, and that makes it a little more dangerous for them on the road. If you allow us to drive your kids on prom night, you know you’re entrusting their safety to a trained chauffeur with ample experience driving in any weather condition, in any traffic condition, and in nice shoes.

You Know When They’ll Be Home

When you hire us to chauffeur your kids to and from prom, you know what time they’ll be home since you’re in charge. You also know who they will be with, what they are doing, and how they are getting where they’re going. It’s a way for you to feel comfortable allowing your kids and their friends to enjoy their night while you do the same.

Hiring a limo service on prom night is less about your kids and more about how you feel letting them depart on this night. It’s an emotional moment for parents, and we make it easier on you. Our vehicles are perfectly maintained, safe, and very luxurious. Your kids will love arriving in style with a chauffeur holding the door for them, and we love making sure they feel like royalty all night long.

Posted on May 16 2017

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