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10 FUN things you and the family can do while in quarantine


Are you running out of ideas of what to do while we are all in quarantine? Since we can’t visit our favorite restaurants, the casinos are closed, and other public places have been shut down in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus.  

What can we do in this beautiful Connecticut Spring weather? 

We put together a list of 10 FUN things you and the family can do while in quarantine. 

1. Work on your financial planning, such as exploring whether to refinance your loan or ways to save more money. 

2. Perfect grandma’s bolognese recipe.

3. Make coffee, but this time study how many beans you use, which types, how hot the water is, how long it brews and whether any of that makes a difference.

4. Buy gift cards from your favorite local businesses to help keep them in business while we quarantine.

5. Watch “Frozen 2,’ which went up early on Disney Plus. Another new movie on the streaming service: "Stargirl.

6. Write a book with your family. Pick a character and each member writes a chapter about their adventures. Read aloud to each other. 

7. No March Madness? Have a Scrabble tournament. Or Bananagrams. Pictionary, anyone?

8. Get into baking with "The Great British Baking Show," but your technical challenge is baking something with the ingredients you have on hand (that you didn't already use in the charcuterie board).

9. Indoor scavenger hunt.

10. Alternate reading the Harry Potter series with your kids and cap each one off with the movie.

We hope this list helps and share your pictures with us on Facebook @PremierLimousine or on Instagram @premierlimo

We look forward to be driving you again soon!

Posted on Mar 30 2020

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